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0208 508 7291 or 07986 744386


Other things


We can help in any other matters involving HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House, including...


    Lettings accounts..


    Company secretarial..


    Accountants certificate for mortgage applications..

    HMIT investigations & enquiries.


And anything else you can think of!

Unlike most accountants we do not charge on a time spent basis, so all phone calls, correspondence and advice given throughout the year are free of charge.


So, you can call us whenever you have a query safe in the knowledge that you are not being charged!

Should you ever need specialist advice which is outside our usual remit, we work in conjunction with specialist tax and financial advisers that can advise on inheritance tax, succession planning, mortgage lending, insurance, equity release, wills etc.


So whatever advice you are looking for, you can receive all the help you need through us.

General queries & advice

Specialist advice